PSA: Kingo Root is Breaking Android Phones, Don’t Use it

Gotroot 300x300 1
Gotroot 300×300 1

Yes peeps you read the title right, do not and we repeat DO NOT use Kingo Root & Vroot to root your Android devices. Both these applications have been deemed suspicious and may steal your private data. We would take the liberty of quoting @Justin Case here:

VRoot and KingoRoot share a lot of the same code, and a lot of the same suspecious behavior. My advice is to not run this program. Especially concerning is it’s tendency to retrieve additional binaries for your PC And phone from a remote server.The KingoRoot version also snatches your IMEI and serial number, and does what? I have no idea.

Don’t use this stuff.

As you can see, there is something fishy about Kingo Root, a representative of Kingo Root says the company is from Canada, but it’s hosted in US and IMEI is sent to a server in China. Wow! Henceforth we repeat again, please do not use Kingo Root and/or VRoot to root your Android device.